It’s Space Invader hunting season! Ryan Snieder found a couple LIFE photos from Google and Photoshopped them to create these funny 8-bit scenes. Looks like this guy knows what he’s having for dinner tonight…

I hate it.

When i see post such as ”You’re straight? Eww.” and ”Heterosexuality, no thank you.” And.. Well, you get the idea. It just makes me go all ”Did your mother drop you on your head as a child?”. Where in your little mind do you think that it’s okay to discriminate and hate on those who are heterosexual? They’re just loving their loved one like everyone else. LGBTPA people have no right what so ever to say anything bad about straight people. None. Just as little as heteros have no right to say anything bad about LGBTPAs. If you’re one of the people who have ever typed anything like that, i really do hope you hurt yourself badly in alot of ways. Why? Because love is love - After all the fighting for love equality you should fucking know better. And yes, i am myself anything but straight. So lets not make this ”War for love” any more ridiculous than it already is by hating even more on eachother, i think it should be perfectly clear to all of us that love is for everyone.

Any thoughts on this subject?


Yesterday I made a video out of complete boredom.

Not much happens and my editing was sloppy.

But if you’re bored…

Telemachus - Ferndale Road

Did you know..

That i’m allergic to cinnamon? I am.

I used to love cinnamon buns, especially together with a glass milk, i swear if you had left a plate of them infront of me when i was little they’d all be gone in a second. Then when i was about twelwe i could barely breath after eating lunch, and some test later showed that my body had reacted to the cinnamon in the food. So eating cinnamon buns now would give me a reaction similar to asthma.

Life’s just weird sometimes, why would my body flip the finger to something i used to really, really love?